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Turnquest reaches out for unity

As if he was following up on the point made in this space recently about the opposition forces being in disarray, Free National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest is appealing for a unified front ...

PLP in chaos

The home base of headquarters of both the governing Progressive Liberal Party and the other major political force in the country, the Free National Movement (FNM), were quite active over the weekend.


Christie not Impressive

Prime Minister Perry Christie was not impressive at all! Those watching the Progressive Liberal Party convention this past week would have seen a very large number of people. In truth, party associate ...

Sears spoke out for democracy

Democracy is alive in this country. The courageous Alfred Sears who challenged Prime Minister Perry Christie for the leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party in convention this week, struck a big b ...

House Speaker in grey area

The Speaker of the House of Assembly (HOA), Dr. Kendal Major has operated quite outside of the norm of his predecessors.


Unlike all who went before him, House Speaker Dr. Major has stepped far ...

Sunrise road opening set

Sunrise Highway is due to be opened once again.


The Freeport News has been informed that all relevant talks have taken place between the Ministry for Grand Bahama, Harcourt Holdings Bahamas Lim ...

Christie in full control of PLP

Interestingly, although Prime Minister Perry Christie has been a high-profile public figure for four decades, the true essence of him is not well understood. He is a fighter, politically, like few oth ...

Investors' obligations

Investors in The Bahamas are to adhere to the memorandum of understanding agreed to by all parties. For foreign investors, the list of incentives stretches out into a most enticing piece of document, ...

Political loneliness

This evening, Loretta Butler-Turner will have the opportunity to meet with members of the Free National Movement Tribunal and hear its decision, officially.


Butler-Turner, Edison Key, Dr. Andre ...

Political arena a battle zone

The political arena is not for those who are squeamish. The political arena is a battleground.  Anyone who aspires for a political position of significance must be prepared to deal with whatever ...

Big battle on in Central GB

If the big battle that is going on for the Progressive Liberal Party’s candidacy in the Central Grand Bahama Constituency is any indication, a highly exciting general elections campaign is forth ...


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New date for historic graduation exercise

The inaugural National High School Diploma Commencement Exercise for the public high schools on Grand Bahama is set to be the country’s first. 


While a date has yet to be set for the ...


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Anti-Bullying Club for Teens tour gains momentum

The St. Georges’ High School Anti-Bullying Club for Teens (ABC for Teens) continues to gain momentum, as founders Jada and Jerell Strachan conduct school tours throughout the Grand Bahama commun ...

Bringing awareness to disability

A seven-member delegation from the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) traveled to Grand Bahama on Thursday, March 23 visiting schools and other stakeholders, including the Minist ...


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Grand Bahama birders visit Inagua

A group of Grand Bahama birders recently travelled to Inagua to observe a number of birds that are never or rarely seen on  other family islands. The trip was organized by Erika Gates, Delores Ke ...

National Focus

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Anti-bullying message fun and informative

Walter Parker Primary School is spreading an anti-bullying message with a week of activities.  


The school hosted a special assembly for its Bully Free Week on Wednesday, February 15 at th ...

Big plans for Majority Rule Day Jan 10 in GB

Plans that will include representation of all inhabited Family Islands have been made to highlight Majority Rule Day in Grand Bahama.


Grand Bahama Majority Rule Day Committee spokesperson, note ...

Local champions in the AIDS/HIV fight

Since 1985, The Bahamas has been involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS – promoting the message of abstinence, in the early years, and later reinforcing that message, while adding education and ...


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JJ home for some R & R

After a stellar performance in game three of the Women’s Korean Basketball League championship, Jonqel Jones returned home to her loved ones.


Last year’s Women’s National Bask ...

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