220 Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers attending Second Annual Youth Leadership Retreat in GB

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Rangers organization is hosting its Second Annual Youth Leadership Retreat under the theme, “Operation Excellence: Be the best you” at the Royal Islander Resort.

According to RBDF Ranger Director Sub Lieutenant Delvon Duncombe, Rangers from New Providence, Abaco and Grand Bahama would be participating in the three-day event, which began on Monday, April 22.

Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage officially opened the retreat geared toward holistically nurturing and empowering the youth of the organization.

“Through this retreat we hope to promote individualism, discipline and academic advancement while providing the Rangers with the opportunity to socialize with their counterparts from New Providence and Abaco.

“The Rangers, today (Tuesday), participated in athletic competitions at the YMCA which included a basketball tournament and several field events.

“Tomorrow (Wednesday), a leadership symposium will be conducted at the Bishop Michael Eldon School auditorium featuring local, national and international corporate leaders that would challenge the Rangers in the areas of academics, spirituality, finance and money management, integrity and innovation and creativity.

“Two hundred and twenty Rangers are participating in this year’s retreat and the RBDF thanks the parents that have wholeheartedly supported our initiatives ensuring students are involved in positive activities that would mold and shape their character,” said Sub Lieutenant Duncombe.

Noting that the Defence Force Ranger Program would be expanding its operations to Bimini and Inagua, Sub Lieutenant Duncombe revealed that contrary to popular belief the non-profit organization is not a feeder program to the RBDF.

“Presently plans are underway to diversify, expand and tailor the program’s offerings to our Rangers and the islands on which they reside.

“The Defence Force Rangers is a military based program that focuses on military modules such as parade drills, academics (English and Mathematics) and maritime studies.

“We are doing our best to prepare the Rangers in the furtherance of their maritime studies so as they can gain employment in any area of the maritime industry.

“Additionally, the Defence Force Rangers program is not a feeder program for the RBDF but we are a youth development program focused on the holistic development of our Rangers,” the Sub Lieutenant said.

RBDF Petty Officer and Defence Force Rangers chief administrator Maxwell Lloyd revealed there are 1,200 active members of the Rangers program with students in Grades 7-9 in the junior division and seniors in Grades 10-12.

“The program does help to bridge the islands of New Providence, Grand Bahama and Abaco and allows us to test its standardization.

“We want our Rangers to come together as one, develop sound discipline, good moral fiber and healthy academic and athletic advancement which are some of the crucial elements we are losing in this country.

“If we can accomplish this we can build great community spirit and foster positive advancement in our youth and society,” said the chief administrator.

The Defence Force Rangers 2014 Graduation exercise will be held in Grand Bahama at the Cornelius A. Smith Government Complex on May 31 and in New Providence and Abaco on May 24 and June 7 respectively.

For more information about the Defence Force Rangers Program visit its Facebook page at

Published  Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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