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Can property sell during the Holidays?

by: James Sarles

With the holiday season almost upon us (hard to believe Christmas is only five weeks away), I find many sellers wondering: "Should I list my home during the holidays; is anyone buying then?" 

A lot of people assume everyone is too busy thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and not about buying homes or property. This may be true for some, yet there are even more reasons why you should list or consider buying a home during the holidays. Some of you may think that NOTHING is selling in Freeport these days, and the real estate market is totally dead. It is true that things are very, very slowâ ”howeverâ ”there are sales happening. We all would like more sales and the market to recover, but there are homes, condos, and land selling in our office. No matter what the naysayers are saying out on the street, here are a few thoughts that could make your home sale (or purchase) during the holidays the best present of all this year:

" New people are arriving on Grand Bahama now.

Grand Bahama has a chance to move forward now with new potential buyers arriving steadily again now thanks to the opening of Sun Wing Internationalâ s Memories resort. If visitors like what they see, they will want to spend more time here and that will have a direct positive effect on the real estate market.

• More serious buyers.

People looking for homes during the Holidays tend to be more serious buyers. Some people must buy before the end of the year for foreign tax reasons. Serious buyers have fewer houses to choose from than they will in January and during the Holidays, fewer houses on the market can translate into less competition and more opportunity to sell at your asking price.

• Houses show better during the holidays. Festive and emotional motivation this time of year can factor into bringing about buying decisions more quickly. (And whose home doesnâ t look more attractive in lights and dressed for the season?!)

• Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays. During regular working weeks, people don't have as much time as they may have to tour homes, for example, the week before or after Christmas.

• Motivation.

January is traditionally the month for people to start something new and buying a property is a new start -  target date to reach a home-owning goal and begin in a new location.

• Flexibility.

Even with your home on the market during the holidays, you still have the option to restrict showing times to fit your family's schedule. You donâ t have to worry about Christmas dinner being interrupted. You can always schedule showing around your holiday timetable.

• Win Win.

Selling during the holidays and closing in the new year can be a win-win situation for both parties. Securing the sale of a home where the buyer makes a commitment, but is not ready to close until early in the new year can make both a happy seller and a happy buyer that can finalize the paperwork in the new calendar year.

So, although listing your home during the holidays is not a traditional first thought, do give it some consideration as it can be a time of year when family, blessings, visitors, and unique opportunities can abound! Until next time...James Sarles

• James Sarles is the Broker for Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty based in Grand Bahama Island. Comments and questions may be sent to


Published Thursday, November 27, 2014 


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