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Rotkirch retires as GBS chief

Increased revenue, completing work on the world’s largest cruise ship in record time are just two of the many accomplishments, Carl Rotkirch leaves behind as he spent his last day at the helm of ...

Local Business

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GBPC Regulatory Framework submitted for review

As part of the Regulatory Framework established with the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) in 2012, the Grand Bahama Power Company (GBPC) has provided a submission for GBPA’s review.  

The ...

Real Estate

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Can property sell during the Holidays?

With the holiday season almost upon us (hard to believe Christmas is only five weeks away), I find many sellers wondering: "Should I list my home during the holidays; is anyone buying then?" 

A lot o ...

Realtors lament industry issues facing Bahamians

Due to the economic challenges in Grand Bahama many businesses are negatively impacted. The real estate industry is no different.

The Freeport News spoke with two realtors recently and were given a d ...

Is renting easy money?

You might hear about a friend of a friend who bought a house and is renting it out to make some extra income.  You might also hear that this person just sits back and collects the rent check ever ...

New airlift helps read estate on Grand Bahama

Many people look at a glass and say itâ s half empty and many people look at a glass and say it's half full. Well whether you are an optimist or a pessimist the reality is that there is someth ...

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