Nasty hands and handshakes

by: Dr. Roopi - Published Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rev. Dr. Emmette Weir in his recent Monday column quoted, “Those who have clean hands and pure heart.”  

The Jews as part of their religious and health practices made hand washing a very important procedure. 

It was many centuries later that the medical profession recognized that germs were on the hands and surgeons were able to prevent wound infections by properly washing hands; and afterward using hand sanitizers to completely remove all germs and contaminants. It was another long while before sterile gloves were introduced.



We are about to enter the flu season and despite the fact that we are aware that the flu virus (viruses) come from North American it is not through coughing, but handshaking that the germ is mainly spread.

The Rev. Dr. Emmette Weir was my Sundsay School teacher at Wesley Methodist Church in Nassau and his Monday’s meditation highlighted the spiritual benefits of hand washing. 

Jesus, however, emphasized that it was the inner cleansing - a pure heart which was more important.



Little children play in the sand boxes and brown dirt in schools and yards at home. The commonest thing that they get, are intestinal parasites - that is worms. Children often are in a hurry when using the bathroom and forget or neglect to wash their hands carefully after potty call.



I am inundated in my medical practice with the large number of children and parents - even teachers and a principal with scabies. Again, hand washing is the prime method to prevent catching this disease.



Hands should be washed in hot water with a proper soap from 25 to 35 seconds. Then a hand sanitizer should complete the process.



This is a very nasty habit. I never shake anyone’s hand. I either dap or I gesticulate and bow while saying SHALOM.


As winter is approaching and we are in the rainy season, hand washing should be a priority. Those who work in restaurants, fast food places and banks should be especially fastidious about hand washing and sanitizing their hands. 

He who has clean hands and a pure heart.


Do not shake hands and discourage your children in school from holding hands while ring playing. Read Dr. Luke 10:4-5. 




Published  Tuesday, October 4, 2016


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