It s not all about the exercise, but more what you put into your body

by: Mia Whylly, News Reporter - Published Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Early morning and evening, in the parks and on the streets of Grand Bahama groups of adults can be seen pushing their body’s to burn calories.


However, one local trainer shares that it is not all about exercise, as eating habits make up 50 percent of a healthy lifestyle program.


Cardio Blast Manager, Nutrition Advisor and Fitness Trainer, Tarenteé Laing spoke with The Freeport News recently about his company’s approach to a healthy lifestyle, the encouragement he gives his clients and the importance of making educated decisions on what to eat and when.


Laing stated that the orientation his clients receive is how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


“Cardio Blast trains people how to live healthy, 50 percent of the program is nutrition. Before the exercise begins I go over everything that is needed to maintain this healthy lifestyle. 


“I start with a Meal Plan Seminar and comprehensively go over what is required for their five meals a day. After that, each client gets a hard copy of their individual nutrition plan,” Laing furthered.


Ongoing support is what Laing feels is key to the success of his clients. “We keep in contact on a daily basis via Whatsapp to ensure everyone is heading in the right direction,” Laing add-ed.


Noting that Cardio Blast holds two sessions a day, Monday through Friday, the first at 5:15 a.m. and the latter at 6:30 p.m., Laing said, individual sessions can be arranged.


Laing is encouraging those who have slacked off over the summer months to return to Cardio Blast, but this time enroll their children in the Kids’ Program. 


“Our Back-to-School Program is for parents and children, now the break is over.  The Bahamas has far too many children that are obese and the Cardio Blast experience will assist with the healthy choices rather than the foods we as Bahamians tend to eat,” Laing stated.


Laing admitted that the children’s program is not as rigid and strict as the program for adults, because he wants them to enjoy the experience and not feel trapped in their bodies. 


“The program is open to children between the ages of four and 15,” Laing added.


The Fitness and Nutrition specialist stated that Cardio Blast is also offered at the corporate level and presently they have a number of local companies who have embraced the Healthy Lifestyle Program for their employees.


Fitness enthusiast Niecy Douglas spoke with The Freeport News about her observations of Cardio Blast, as a program to be embraced by those wishing to begin a healthier lifestyle. “Cardio Blast is an excellent program, particularly useful to those wishing to loose some pounds and change or improve their eating habits. 


“Tarente encourages his clients to push through the pain and follow the plan. He has achieved many successes as many of his clients have lost and kept off a significant amount of weight, “ Douglas acknowledged.


Published  Tuesday, August 30, 2016


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