Disease begins in the colon and intestine

by: Dr. Roopi - Published Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dr. Roopi



This article will make a very dramatic difference to your health and to the health of all your children whom you love very much. You will find this article of special importance at this time of the year, especially after Hurricane Matthew. 

During the 45 years that I have practiced medicine in Grand Bahama, I have been asked on numerous occasions to comment on the role of the healthy colon by my patients. The answer is quite simple: the colon is of very vital importance to your ‘holyistic’ health and maybe the root cause of 90 percent of all diseases. 



There is no doubt that preventing disease is always much better and often much less expensive than treating the disease with expensive medications. I and many colleagues now share the vision of health improvement through natural means. The idea is to avoid using dangerous drugs if at all possible. 


Despite the many medical doctors, sophisticated medical equipment, excellent modern hospitals and great advancement in medical technology, people of today are experiencing more diseases than virtually at any time in our history. Despite all the medical breakthroughs, the rate of Alzheimers, benign strokes, cancer, and diabetes, are steadily on the rise as diseases that should have been prevented. 



Our colon is basically a sewage processing system and is an essential part of our excretion of toxins from the body. Therefore, if the colon is not properly maintained and clean, it is going to malfunction or clog up just like any other sewage system would. I remember my grandmother always had in the bathroom her little rubber enema bag. With that she would periodically give herself an enema often associated with some fasting as well. The cleaning of the colon in its entire nine feet, is best done by a process known as colonics.



The colonic is a gentle irrigation for your colon and it helps to (1) remove toxic waste from your body; (2) eradicate constipation; (3) increase absorption of nutritious substances from your body; (4) improves the functioning of your immune system.



Constipation today is almost an epidemic especially in our older and senior citizens. However, I have had some of the worst cases of constipation among young patients in the pediatric age group. There is no doubt that this is associated with our imitation of our neighbor to the north that is America. America is said to be the first country to have 73 percent of its population overweight. According to my colleague, Dr. Norman Gaye, the Bahamas has just become number two. When we consider the association with constipation and obesity, especially obesity beginning in childhood, we must change our eating habits and lifestyles especially exercise. 




It is most unfortunate that in this year 2016, we find that the rate of cancer especially in our black Bahamian population is growing at a rapid pace. Mrs. Norma Headley who heads the Grand Bahama Cancer Association, is on a personal program to try and lower this rate of cancer in our Bahamian women, especially breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer. The association of obesity and cancer is very well established and unfortunately our Bahamian women have a genetic disability call B.R.A.C.A 1 AND B.R.A.C.A. 2 which makes the cancer much more deadly. The genes test is now offered free of charge through the Cancer Association.  The association therefore of a clean colon and lowered weight gain with increase aerobic exercise and a distinct change in eating habits, should gave our young Bahamians a more knowledgeable way of preventing the dreaded disease called cancer. 


Published  Tuesday, November 8, 2016 


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