A child is a miracle from God, why chose abortion?

by: Dr. Roopi - Published Wednesday, December 14, 2016

When we as doctors take our sacred Hippocratic Oath, we swear by Asclepius that we would not perform abortion.


Recently, a young lady approached me to “get rid of her baby.” It was her first pregnancy. Scant minutes later, a woman who has several children, but is in the process of being divorced from her husband approached me also.


Readers, I made my teenage daughter have her baby and I am proud of my grandson.


If the word has not yet reached you all, DR. ROOPI: DOES NO ABORTIONS! God breathed into man the “breath of life” and man became a living soul. 


The foetus is a living - I stress, LIVING - SOUL!


Psalm 85:6 says: will you not revive us again - that your people may rejoice in you. The word revive means to again give life. I am the bread of life says YAAHSHUA. 


Young ladies you became pregnant, because it was the will of Almighty God. Do not kill your ‘Living Foetus.’ He or she is a living soul. To do an abortion is murder. 


May God let you see that your child may be the next Myles Munroe or a black Bill Gates. 




I am praying for you.


For the sake of the reading public we will show you the development of our little darlings and we are amazed at the miracle of how rapidly all vital organs come into being. 


Conception occurs in most cases way before the mother knows that she is pregnant. For example at one week of implantation the growing baby attaches to the mother’s uterus. 


By three to four weeks the baby’s heart is already beating and as early as 18 days after fertilization, much of the foetus is already in human form. 


A miracle of development takes place at 14 weeks. Eyebrows have already formed; eye movements are seen. When we do modern 3D or 4D pictures, we are amazed that the baby’s nerves and spinal cord are already present. And as you know the baby then can feel pain; hear with his little ears. 


By 16 weeks, the baby is getting large and is active enough for the mother to now feel movements with kicks and somersaults. 


By 23 weeks and nowadays even earlier, the baby is fully viable. When I first became a doctor in 1971, that figure was 28 weeks. So we must now see that with modern technology and medical knowledge we are able to give the parents a live, intelligent girl or boy. The ‘apple of their parents’ eyes.


In a previous article, I had recommended that wherever possible, we should allow the child to go to its fullest development at 40 weeks gestation. The child is a miracle made by God and we are simply servants of YAAHWEH’s plan for another amazing human being.


~ Aman’Ra


Published  Wednesday, December 14, 2016 

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