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Implications of tooth loss

There is a common myth that tooth loss is inevitable. We grow old, and we lose our teeth, end of story. The fact is, you can keep all of your teeth! Causes of tooth loss are multi-faceted, such as a ...


Washington, D.C., 24 November 2014 (PAHO/WHO) Unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and miscarriages are more frequent among women who report having experienced viole ...

Some people die while living

• ¢ This article was originally written on November 12, 2013. It has been requested by popular demand.

Dear Readers,

As a college lecturer, it is important to keep class requirements livel ...

Living with schizophrenia

Dear Readers,

Roy is a 46-year-old black divorced male who is slim, weighing 116 pounds and stands 5' 8''  tall. Roy has no children and was born in a small settlement on a southern island in Th ...

Laser surgery of the eye

Ophthalmic laser surgery is one of the most important developments in ophthalmology in the past decade. The laser may be used on many parts of the eye and has been helpful in treating many different t ...

Bleeding gums

Do your gums bleed when you floss or brush? Rinsing blood out of your toothbrush can be pretty unsettling, but many people ignore it. After all, rarely does pain accompany bleeding gums. If it doesn&a ...


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Derecka Lynch had the right ingredients

Former St. Georges High School (St.GHS) student Derecka Lynch earned the top 2014 BGCSE Food and Consumer Science grade in The Bahamas.

Kathy Forbes, St. GHS Family Consumer Science and Hospitality St ...

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