Depression and anxiety in teens

Since Matthew a grade 4 hurricane, maybe 5, many of our teenagers, especially girls, are experiencing clinical depression with anxiety. The community has rallied around the physical areas of depressio ...

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Nasty hands and handshakes

Rev. Dr. Emmette Weir in his recent Monday column quoted, “Those who have clean hands and pure heart.”  

The Jews as part of their religious and health practices made hand washing a v ...

Back-leg pain - Sciatica

The most frequent reason for patients seeking medical care is that aching back: often associated with pain running down the leg. There are two common causes: (1) Sciatica and (2) Piriformis Syndrome. ...

Heat wave Bahamas

The Bahamas and the Continent of the Americas have been under a heat wave of unusual proportions over the last several weeks. This has resulted in several deaths recorded in the United States and most ...

Childhood nutrition

Some years ago when two of my children were attending Mary, Star of the Sea School, I was asked to do a nutritional survey of the school and the children’s eating habits. Please remember this is ...

The weekend warrior

The sports editor of The Freeport News has been very inspired by the recent successes of flag football enthusiasts. This now includes women, teenagers and young men who are avoiding the contact sport ...

Alkaline water plus OZONE

The sign in front of my medical centre says THE 13TH OZONE ZONE, and there is only one individual, an 11-year-old child, who asked me to explain what it meant. Another very astute rasta man came to th ...

The Brain health and food

In our introduction to the Birthing Centre soon to be opened at ABBA Holylistic, we emphasized how important it was that we allow our healthy baby to go full term, because in the last five weeks, the ...


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Junkanoo Jam kicks off

Thursday, November 24, 2016 marks the official opening of the 14th annual Junkanoo Jam Basketball Tournament. 


Generally held on Grand Bahama Island, the tournament was relocated to Bimini ...

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