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Whose reality is it any how?

Dear Readers,

Over the years, I have learned many things from traveling. Vacations can be adventurous or scary; being away from home for several weeks at a time can take you away from your daily comfo ...

Natural options for oral care

Everything from the food we eat to the cosmetics we use are full of chemicals and toxins. Many people are becoming more and more interested in natural and organic products. How about oral care product ...

Scaling and Root Planing

Your gums bleed when you floss, your friend tells you that you have bad breath, and your dental hygienist tells you that you have gum disease. Don’t despair!  Even if do you have the signs ...

I need a human touch

Dear Readers,

Twenty years ago, I could plug my telephone into a car port and make a call to anywhere in the world from my car. Today, I am able to hold a cellular telephone in my hand and make that ...


Welcome back to Eye on Health. With the incoming Independence Day holidays many of you undoubtedly will utilize fireworks, as part of your festive celebrations.  However, every year someone, quit ...

Dental specialties

Did you know that there are 86registered dentists in the Bahamas? (Official Gazette, Bahamas Dental Council, 2014) However, within this number are different types of dentists that specialize in diff ...

Dental fluorosis

Do your teeth or your child's teeth have white or brown spots and pitting? If so, you or your child could have a condition called dental fluorosis. Consuming too much fluoride during the first eight y ...

The pink eye

Welcome back to Eye on Health, the educational, informative series on eye health and care. Conjunctivitis is the medical name for "the pink eye." Read on to learn all you need to know concerning thi ...

Oh No! Not a root canal

Your dentist has told you that you need root canal treatment. Have no fear, this common dental procedure has gotten a bad rap for causing pain, but the real pain is more likely experienced in the pe ...


Dear Readers,

Having lived in the United States for so many years, I am very familiar with going through a mail box on a daily basis and making sense of its contents. Whatever was relevant to the wel ...

Computers and eye strain

1. Are Computers

Harmful to the Eyes?

There is no convincing scientific evidence that computers are harmful to the eyes. However, since complaints of eye discomfort and fatigue are becoming more co ...

Allergic conjunctivitis

Welcome to Eye on Health, the informative source for eye health and maintenance. Spring is here and summer is swiftly approaching. Do you constantly rub your eyes? Do you awake in the morning with you ...


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Joint partnership to showcase West End

ZNS Northern Service has partnered with the ‘We Can Committee,’ the Ministry of Tourism and the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board (GBITB) to showcase the communities in Grand Bahama, begin ...

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