GB Youth Choir presents Our Bahamian Story

Members of the Grand Bahama Youth Choir are again ready to share with the Grand Bahama community as they celebrate in their anniversary concert on Sunday, June 2.

This year' s concert, entitled Our Bahamian Story 2, also in celebration of the country's 40th Independence will be held at the Grand Lucayan Hotel, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

"The concert will show case our accomplishments for 2012-2013,"  said choir director Kevin Tomlinson, adding that the local choir will be hosting some of their international guests from Detroit.

The Grand Bahama Youth Choir started on February27, 2009. Before this project grew into what we know today, it was mainly started for one purpose, explained Tomlinson. It was to assemble a choir to sing during the opening ceremony of the Local Government Conference hosted on Grand Bahama scheduled for May 11, 2009. This development all happened under the suggestion of then Senator Kay Forbes-Smith, who wanted to use local young talents. With that being said, she enlisted Kevin G. Tomlinson to carry out her mandate.

Soon enough, Tomlinson was on a quest for young talented singers that would be interested in the proposition. He made radio announcements on several occasions to draw out these gifted individuals and even contacted a few that he knew.

Finally, Tomlinson's scavenger hunt was over and he was able to assemble his group at Christ the King Auditorium where practices were held. Later on, the members were curious as to what they would call themselves.

The group eventually settled on a name which was the Grand Bahama Youth Choir; very simple and straight forward. After the next four months of dedication, preparation and practice the choir was ready.

The night of the function, the choir gave a stellar performance and got top notch reviews throughout the national and international community. Their presentation was so impressive they were invited by Forbes-Smith to perform at a Bahamian Cultural Concert in Centennial Park, Atlanta Georgia.

When the trip to Atlanta had come to an end and the choir was on their way home, Tomlinson saw the affect on the lives of the choir members and how spellbinding the whole thing was to everyone. From that moment, he decided to turn this experience and project into a permanent program.

The choir has and continues to travel on a route to excellence.

It has not only given young people a place where they can interact in a meaningful way, but it has provided young people with a place they can call their second home and get needed attention to develop their skills.

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