Barnabie and Friends to host first ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition

by: Sharell Lockhart, News Reporter - Published Thursday, December 22, 2016

The ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition scheduled for Friday, December 23, 2016 beginning 8:00 p.m. will showcase the dynamic artistry of Florida Memorial University (FMU) student, Jemonique Barnabie, at the Kevin G. Tomlinson Academy.


Passionate and talented Barnabie developed her love for sketching at a tender age, having won her very first art competition in primary school while attending St. Paul’s Methodist College.


“I have always had a passion for art as well as the performing arts as it was my escape from reality and a wonderful way to express myself.


“Over the years I have developed a love of sketching using pencils, charcoal, chalk and canvass to imitate many of the greatest beauties and wonders of life.


“Furthermore, I have always dreamed of putting on my very own art show and thankfully, with the help of my mom and friends, I am able to do just that. Hence I invite the entire Grand Bahama community to attend the ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition, which will feature my portraits and that of several of my absolutely gifted friends.


“One of my goals as a result of the ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition is to place a brilliant spotlight on all aspiring young artists who work in various artistic mediums.


“The support of the community at the art show is vital and it would serve as great encouragement not only to young, budding artists but also all young persons who are making positive strides and wish to take on seemingly impossible challenges to help others realize their dreams and greatest potential,” said Barnabie.


Patrons of the ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition are guaranteed to be in for a wonderful treat as captivating paintings, photographs, sketches, portraits, costume designs, and jewelry by a cadre of artists in those mediums will be on display revealed Barnabie.


Unfortunately, for many budding young artists throughout The Bahamas who are serious about their craft go unrecognized hence Barnabie fervently believes now more than ever, the ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition is needed and will certainly boost the spirit and creativity of all participating in the show.


“Talented young people throughout the Bahamas are doing well worldwide and have taken a vested interest in improving as well as developing their craft.


“They work diligently to be more and do more every day and while this nation is known for producing many of the world’s greatest athletes, motivational speakers, designers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, chefs, preachers and others in academia; we need to recognize and support our artists, actress, singers and dancers.


“Definitely I believe it would be an excellent idea for us (artists) to establish a community and show The Bahamas that we can make our mark in the world through our respective talents, which will place this nation in the limelight for producing yet another cadre of inspiring, amazing, forward-thinking, positive contributing citizens,” said Barnabie, who thanked Grand Bahama Youth Choir and musical genius Kevin G. Tomlinson for working hard to establish the academy and helping to bring the youth into the spotlight and provide a chance for them to enhance their gifts.


Visual artist Ravindra Doodnauth will also showcase his work at the ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition along with other artists as well as there will be many fantastic surprises Barnabie revealed, “The art expo is going to be absolutely fabulous so I encourage the community to support it and allow ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ to add new color to your life this holiday season.


“There is a small fee for admission into the expo, refreshments will be served so let us come together and enjoy the greatly anticipated ‘Black and White Under the Lights’ Art Exhibition.”


Published  Thursday, December 22, 2016 

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