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It’s Not for Everyone

Not everyone gets me.  In fact, most people don’t get me or my food.  In the grand scheme of things when you get to upper echelon dining, the target audience for such things is fairly ...


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Roots and Wings

Dear Readers,

While completing a very difficult assignment this past weekend, I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes by Hodding Carter, " There are two great things that you can give your chil ...

Importance of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Why bother with biannual (or more frequent) dental cleanings? For starters, a dental cleaning will remove plaque, give you a brighter smile and help clear up gingivitis, In addition, a dental cleaning ...

Children's Eye Health Alert

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Eye on Health. This week's discussion focuses on eye health warning signs in children. Observant parents play a vital role in the overall eye maintenance plan ...

How to Care for your Child’s Teeth

Parents often have questions about how to take care of their children’s teeth. When should you start brushing? What kind of toothpaste is best? When should you go to the dentist? Knowing the ans ...

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