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Back to the Bush

You might have noticed recently several notations in the classified ads calling for persons to achieve Abaco Neem products and other natural Bahamian bush remedies. 

One such product is A.N.N.A. ...

Aging crisis

When I shared Dr. Roopi’s secrets for anti-aging or becoming younger and stronger, it was filled with positive affirmations and suggestions for living longer. 

As in all situations where th ...


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GBCS continues to help in the fight

The Cancer Society of Grand Bahama (GBCS) continues to help in the fight against cancer no matter its form hence, GBCS vice president Pam Whylly-Ferguson encourages all to support its initiatives and ...


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Residents embracing health is wealth series

The ‘Health is Wealth’ Lunch and Learn Series is held 1:00 p.m. each Thursday at Garden Delite located inside the Canal House at the Pelican Bay Hotel and allows the public to hear from a ...

New cancer treatment being explored in GB

Dr. Kevin Bethel of the Family Wellness Center has confirmed to The Freeport News that he is working in collaboration with a doctor at Johns Hopkins Innovation Centre for a new treatment for cancer ca ...

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