Welcome back to another article in the continuing educational series on eye health. The important topic for this week focuses on an interesting and significant phenomenon known as â floaters an ...

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Dear Dr. Pam,

I recently returned from vacation where I spent three weeks with a relative. She had been inviting me for years, but I was unable to go until this summer. I was accompanied by my ...

Twenty-year-old Rosetta Cartwright is the islandâ s newest Miss Bahamas World (Grand Bahama) ambassador.

Co-directors of the Miss Grand Bahama Beauty Organization Dina North and Sharon Rolle revealed ...

Is food an art form?

Every once in a while, someone I talk to at the restaurant makes a comment about the food while we’re talking and likens it to art. Is it really art or is it simply craftsmanship?
Most chefs wou ...

Minister backs disease battle

Lupus, a name given to a collection of autoimmune diseases affecting an estimated five million people, has become the focus over the course of this month, as May is dedicated as Lupus Awareness Month.

Cinco De Mayo

As we enter the beginning of May here at Flying Fish, we are preparing for our tribute to the classic excuse to drink margaritas and eat Mexican food. Cinco De Mayo is a celebration held on May 5. It ...


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Newly crowned beauty queens make courtesy call

As the island continues to celebrate the double win of the recently crowned Miss Bahamas World 2014, Rosetta Cartwright and Miss Universe Bahamas 2014, Tomii Culmer, the pair paid a visit to the Grand ...


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To be young again - no eye wrinkles

Your eye is usually the first thing that people notice about your appearance. They are probably the most important aspects of facial attractiveness. In fact the make-up artist will tell you that your ...

Silver filing vs. White fillings

What's the difference? Can I be harmed if I choose to get a silver filling?


Silver fillings are known as Amalgam fillings. This is a silver colored filling material used by dentists t ...

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