Crime dilemma more National than political

The chickens have come home to roost. The first female deputy prime minister in the country, and also the first of her sex to act as chief executive, Cynthia “Mother” Pratt, is lamenting the politicizing of crime.

The former parliamentarian, now Christian leader and activist has called on all politicians to cease the blame game about who is responsible for the scourge of crime in the land.

A new spate of killings in the capital island of New Providence has prompted the appeal by the ex high ranking Progressive Liberal Party politician. When holding the positions of deputy prime minister and minister of national security, Pratt was roundly criticized by those supportive of the then Official Opposition Free National Movement.

They considered her more suited for a lesser ministry. She was accused of being much too soft to be the head person in the nation dealing with crime. It was a ridiculous position to take and totally unfair. Those who really know Pratt’s background have a full understanding of how tough she had to be to survive her early environment.

She was then and is now as tough and courageous as they come.

The FNMs were seeking political mileage.

Likewise, leading up to the 2012 general elections on the campaign trail, members of the Progressive Liberal Party heaped the blame for the escalation of murders and crime on the whole, on the Free National Movement Government and it’s Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest.

Well, finally the realization seems to be hitting home to all and sundry that we are all in this fix together. The fault belongs to no one in particular, no political party. The crime problem is on the heads of all citizens.

There is growing political togetherness to ensure that gender equality becomes a way of life in The Bahamas. Similarly our politicians along with Christian and civic leaders ought to come together to address criminality. Murders are so commonplace in New Providence these days the situation is frightening.

The Freeport News stands along with Pratt when she calls for the bipartisan approach. We hasten to remind the venerable lady however that when it comes to politicizing crime in the country, the PLP and the FNM are equally to blame and to a certain degree, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA).

The chickens have indeed home home to roost.

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